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I hate introductory posts – they’re harder to write than meatier pieces.  Maybe I should start with a “Hello! My Name is…” sticker.

My name is Dan Sokolow, and I’ve started this blog to collect thoughts, links, and begin a conversation (hopefully two-way) with others interested in streaming media throughout the enterprise.

What’s so special about online media delivery for large and small organizations?  It’s just a lot more complicated than hosting a file or leaning on YouTube for media delivery.  There’s nothing wrong with those approaches – it works well if your needs are limited.  When you’re attempting to reach multiple audiences, with varying needs, and extend it beyond passing a video along, you really need more than just a host for video.

What you need is a strategy, and to recognize the importance of tools, skills, and above all else a vision for what you’re trying to accomplish.  I will use this blog as a place to explore all of this, and a lot more besides.  In no particular order we’ll examine multimedia formats and codecs, streaming technologies, management issues, e-learning and learning management systems, user experiences & expectations, red tape, web integration, IT issues, video teleconferencing, rich media, webcasting, content development, screencasting, and pretty much anything else I can think of.

How did I settle on enterprise media delivery?  Web Pages for Dummies, and several other wrong turns since I began my professional life as a Medieval Historian (thankfully there were fewer codecs in the Middle Ages).  I’ve moved from Corporate Archivist to Intranet Operations to Enterprise Media guy, all based on chance conversations and a willingness to learn new technology and make it work.  My current role is Multimedia Operations manager for a health system in the Northeast US, overseeing web media delivery and e-learning delivery across multiple web properties.

So, with the housekeeping done, welcome to the blog.

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