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Busman’s Holiday

I’m back from a too short vacation with the family out to warmer climes – most of all I appreciated the chance to skip shoveling snow for the first time this winter.

While we were out West I took the chance to mix in some business, and I had an opportunity to tour a CMMA colleague’s shop out there (thanks, AG!)  They’re a bigger outfit than we are, in terms of geographical spread, staffing, and demand.  Where we do about 20-30 live teleconferences a week, they do about 75 per DAY.  Needless to say they need more staff than we do, and they’ve completely custom built their networking, endpoint, and UI infrastructure.

Despite the differences, what I took out of it is that we’re all feeling the same pressures, and we’re pushed by the same needs.  We have scheduling issues, they have scheduling issues.  They have pushback from clients, we have pushback from clients.  I admit to some jealousy, as they do have more resources than we do to manage their needs, but the reality is we’re only different in scale, not in practical experiences.

It was nice to get away, but it’s also nice to see how other people are working and how we match up.

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