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Streaming Media East – Overview

I do finally have what to contribute to the multimedia world – business has been busy at the day job, though most of it involves text-based content publishing and Sharepoint, which is of less appeal to the streaming media types out there. I was back at Streaming Media East this week, the premiere conference for folks in the online multimedia and streaming universe.  I spoke at a session – more about that in my next post.

It was good to be back – I have of necessity spent less time working with media, and I do miss it a bit.  The conference was an opportunity to reconnect with bitrates, codecs, CDNs, and the rest of the streaming media universe.  I don’t generally do well at conversations with complete strangers – I get a bit shy, and I’m lousy at small talk.  The nice part about a conference is that even if you have no interest in a vendor’s products, you can walk up to any booth and chat people up if you feel like it.The sessions were good on the whole – I concentrated as usual on the Enterprise sessions, as they have a track pretty much dedicated to corporate multimedia delivery.  It’s an interesting conference – you get a lot of people from different areas of content development and delivery.  Artsy types, small production houses, corporate folks like me, start-ups, the whole 9 yards.  Gartner’s recent estimate that within a few years 80% of bandwidth across the net will be used for video was reflected in the wide variety of tools, offerings and opportunities displayed on the show floor.  They dedicated an entire section to the newish category of HD set-top boxes, the kinds of TV add-ons that are supposed to bring the internet to your living room without a computer.

I made it to both keynote speakers – Tuesday’s HBO and Wednesday’s AOL.  The former was an overview of their mobile strategy and HBO GO – an iPad & phone app that I note mostly for having a million downloads in about 7-10 days.  Nice if you can pull it off, but having HBO resources does make some things easier.  Late to Weds, which was from a guy nominally from AOL, but really from a video syndicating company (purchased by AOL) called 5min media.  As a side note, for personal reasons I noticed there are a large number of Israelis in the streaming media world – an outgrowth perhaps of the dynamic tech sector in Israel. Interesting Q/A session – somebody asked him outright why he sold his company to AOL. He responded pretty honestly, but tactfully.

Best part?  Getting a chance to catch up with a number of my old partners from Accordent (‘scuse me, Polycom), including some of their former employees who have moved on.  At one point there were four of us chatting, none of whom work for (or in my case, with) Accordent any more.  One of them described it as Homecoming week. There are lots of changes in people’s lives, and they make professional choices for a lot of reasons, but it’s really nice to get back in touch with people you worked very closely with for a long time.

Next post will be a review of my session from the conference.

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