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Streaming Media East – My Presentation

As my previous post noted, I was at Streaming Media East this week.  I had made a commitment to speak there a while back, and my new employer was kind enough to allow me to keep the commitment.  My session was Enterprise Video: Phase 2 (Session C105, for anyone interested enough to review the program.)  4PM on either day is not the best time for awake and engaged participants, but we had a decent crowd despite the way oversized room, and they seemed to be paying attention.  Moderated by someone from the banking industry, the panel included representatives from a major tech company, a commodities exchange, a real estate organization, and myself acting as if I was still in healthcare.  All in all a good mix of different enterprise types with different concerns and situations.This is my first panel discussion – previous attempts have been formal presentations, and I think I like this format better.  A group discussion, even with people answering questions for a chunk of time, is still more interesting than listening to a presenter continue on straight for 15 minutes.  As both presenter and audience, there’s a tendency to drone on even if you hadn’t intended to, and the other panelists at a formal presentation can look and feel as if they’re spectators with seats uncomfortably close to the front.  I wouldn’t have minded a bit more interaction amongst the panelists, but with barely an hour it’s probably not the right forum for it.

We covered a lot of ground – digital asset management, metadata and the difficulties involved in it, social media (which was discussed at virtually every panel I went to), policies and procedures, build vs. buy, planning, and a lot else.  As usual with these things, I was reminded that despite the differences in approaches technically and the different levels of resources, the struggles and strategic issues are always remarkably similar.  How do you structure and manage metadata, especially managing data entry?  What kind of metrics matter, and which ones are most important to executives?  How do you deal with user-generated content?

Overall I think my performance was good, if not perfect.  I may have overstated some things, and left out stuff I meant to say.  I’ll post the link to the online video once they have it up at Streamingmedia.com.  I enjoy this kind of event, and it’s good to keep my fingers in the multimedia world as much as I can.

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