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Super Bowl Numbers

The fine Tim Siglin at Streamingmedia.com follows up on his earlier post and digs deeper into the numbers of online watchers of the Super Bowl:

Super Bowl Streaming: 2.1 Million Served

I’m not smart enough (or willing enough) to verify Tim’s math, but I have no reason to doubt what he’s crunched, and the anecdotal evidence indicates it was not a great experience for those who tried to watch online. I don’t expect much from NBC publicly about it, but I imagine they’re reviewing internally and I hope they’re learning from what happened. I’m certainly with Tim that the “Last Mile” (i.e. user error or local problems) argument doesn’t hold a lot of weight if the problems were pretty universal. I do hope they continue to do these kinds of online efforts, but I also expect them to learn and improve on them.

If there’s a takeaway for those doing this on a smaller scale, be sure to learn from your failures (assuming you still have a job after something blows up :).) Obviously if someone screwed up, acknowledge it and change your protocols to ensure it doesn’t happen again.  If something unexpected happened, be sure to dig deeply into it to identify the cause, and make changes if needed to prevent a repeat. Above all else, don’t stop delivering content this way – accept these as growing pains as you work to constantly improve services and delivery.

  1. February 9, 2012 at 10:14 pm

    Dan, thanks for the mentions of both articles; the numbers aren’t that hard to crunch 😉

    We only needed to factor the average minutes (39 minutes) per unique user and then plug in a “what if?” for the percentage that actually watched the full game (which then drives the average number of second-screen viewers waaaaaaay down).

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