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Taking Brand Videos to the Next Level

Excellent post here by Kerrin Sheldon:

5 Ways To Take Your Brand’s Online Videos From Flop To Fantastic

Kerrin makes five very critical points about ways to use video to market your product.  He points out two things I think worth calling out:

1) Even if the message is tangential to your product or service, the goal is eyeballs and traction. The Stride gum folks he mentions sponsored a video project that’s garnered over 50 million views. If traditional marketing can do better, then by all means take that route, but given the opportunity for even an indirect part of 50 million views, I know what I’d take.

2) Don’t be afraid to go a non-traditional route – his points about the extended campaign approach may not meet your initial vision, but if you can keep people engaged they’ll come back. My one warning here is that you have to feed the beast – don’t plan on an extended campaign if you can’t sustain the serial nature of it. If you can’t produce a new piece on schedule, don’t expect your viewers to stick around waiting.

By all means read the whole piece – it’s worth your time.

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