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Preparation Can Make All the Difference

February 14, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

Producer Anthony Burokas posted an excellent breakdown of, well, breakdowns and how to avoid them:

Streamline Your Production Pipeline

There’s really no question that the event he worked on could’ve run more quickly, efficiently and of course cheaply if the producers had taken the time to sit down and map out what they needed to do and how to best set up their tools and personnel to make that work as smoothly as possible.

The same is really true of any video production – it doesn’t need to be a 7-camera setup in a major event space. A one or two camera shoot can be equally complicated and taking some time beforehand to walk through it can really make a big difference. If you’re planning a video involving senior executives, their time is extremely valuable and hard to schedule. Do you really want to sit down with the CEO and realize as he’s getting in place that the lighting is unacceptable, or the background is inappropriate, or you’ve scheduled someone else at the same time?

I had a conversation recently about a new effort to deliver live events via online video. What’s become clear to them is that rules will have to be set down and adhered to if the effort is going to succeed. Some of this involves developing those rules for preparation and requiring their content partners to provide their materials well in advance of the event getting underway. For the end user, especially during a live event, the fumbling and stumbling as presenters get situated is torture – by getting all of that in place with time to spare, the event can begin without delay, showing off the presenters in their best light and making it a better experience for the viewers.

None of this is rocket science of course, and with experience and the right team the processes will become more natural. But the process of production usually has a lot of moving parts and the more you can think through and get in place before you start the better it will come off.

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