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Video is Coming! Now What?

I woke up in a curmudgeonly mood to begin with, and it wasn’t helped by seeing yet another twitter posting pointing out that video is on the rise. “Guess what?” says headline #2,367 – “we see video as taking over the internet!”

So what?

The key to trends is turning that into actionable strategy. I’ve seen multiple trends articles saying video is The Next Big Thing™, but what does this mean practically to the owner of a video service line? The big media producers and distributors know this already, and probably know a lot more about it than the experts making these predictions. The independent producers and small distributors may need the information about how to monetize their content, but that’s a relatively small portion of the overall video universe. What do these articles say to the companies that create and distribute video as only a part of their overall communications and marketing strategies?

Not much, which of course is why I blog about this in the first place – I’m filling that niche to help people make sense of their video efforts when it’s only a part of what their companies do. That’s really the problem these trend articles hold – there’s really nothing there to help video managers drive their video strategy towards overall organizational goals. That’s the critical part of a video program in most organizational settings, other than major content producers and advertisers who are in the business of selling video.

The job for an in-house video/media manager is to further the overall business goals of the organization, whether that’s selling widgets, curing patients or educating students. Your first and most critical question when creating content, building infrastructure or making partnership deals is “what is this contributing to the overall goals of the company, and how is it doing it?” If you can’t provide an answer to that it’s likely time to re-evaluate your plans. If you read the financial news at all you know that companies are sitting on cash – mounds of it in some cases. They’re not hiring, they’re not spending on capital improvements and they’re certainly trying to avoid spending it on unnecessary projects. If you’re going to a CIO, CFO or CEO these days to ask for funds you’d better have a strong business case to explain how this either makes them or saves them a lot of money.

Your video projects have to meet business criteria, and general trend information is at best a small part of an overall defense of a project’s value to the company. It’s nice to know, but all it does is underline the competitive landscape for your content. Take these trends for what they’re worth – confirmation of the power and reach of online video. Then move on to explain how video helps your organization do what it does better, more efficiently and more cost-effectively.

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