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Storytelling Trumps Video Length

November 21, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

A question that comes up a lot is “how long should a web video be?” I’ve talked about it before and the answer should be “as long as it needs to be to tell the story you want to tell.” Apple demonstrates beautifully how you can engage people in a story about your products over a very long period by web standards:

10 minutes is a long time, especially in today’s ADD-infected online world. While the key is to hook people within the first 30 seconds or so (earlier by some people’s estimates), if you tell a compelling story, they’ll stick with you. Apple of course has built up enough credit in the marketplace that they’ll get attention where others might not. But you don’t have to be at their level to develop a great story and deliver it to your users & customers.

The vibe they chose to accentuate here is about the power of their product to help people. In today’s cultural climate, that’s a powerful message likely to resonate with a lot of users. Apple doesn’t need to use a message like this to sell people on their products, as in a lot of ways they all but sell themselves. So a message like this helps to position the company in areas that matter to their customers, and that builds goodwill and a positive image for the organization. And they took a very sizable chunk of time to tell that story, and they did it well. You can learn from what they did, and take the time to tell your story.

H/T to ReelSEO.com for the link (@reelseo)

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