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November 29, 2010 Leave a comment

All productions require some kind of on-camera talent – someone has to lend their face and/or voice to the project.  At the highest levels that means actors, trained to deliver a polished, professional performance.  In other cases, someone in the organization with little or no formal training appears on camera to deliver the message of the piece.

At the enterprise level there are a number of factors influencing who stars in a piece.  Costs are often the key issue – trained talent costs money, and many corporate productions don’t merit professional actors.  TV commercials are an exception – you’re reaching out to the public, and the right performance is critical.  In the case of key executive messages, you of course want the executives in question to deliver the messages personally.  And often having real, live employees in small roles in a production is valuable – it provides a real connection to the organization and the people who work there.

The question for many production studios is how to deal with employee talent that isn’t terribly comfortable on camera.  Is there a point where it makes more sense to hire someone to come in and deliver a talk or performance instead of an employee?  The answer, naturally, is it depends. Read more…

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